Where can we watch 4th of July fireworks while at Deep Creek?

Published: March 12, 2024

deep creek lake 4th of july fireworks

A recent question from an Instagram follower who is bringing her family to Deep Creek for the first time this summer. She also asked about info on the specific area where they'll be staying. Here's how I answered:

Creekside Townhomes is a great spot! I've been in the homes and have taken pictures with families in the backyard space along the water. Last I was there, there was a big enough sand area for play!

And you're so close to so many good Deep Creek things - Arrowhead Market, UNO's, Honi Honi Bar, Lakeside Creamery, Ace's Restaurant, and Firewater Kitchen & Bar. They're all on the same side of the road as the townhomes and there is a large shoulder on the road. Garrett Highway/219 is the main road through the county, therefore the busiest. So you'll see a lot of traffic through there, especially during 4th of July week. Still walkable on the road shoulders, but will be lots of cars going by.

You won't be able to see the fireworks from your place, but if you go to the Garrett County Fairgrounds just five minutes down the road, you'll have a great view and lots of parking.

Wisp Resort (the mountain) is where the fireworks go off, so parking there is also an option. You'll just need to get into place a couple hours in advance. The fairgrounds and Wisp are in McHenry and it'll be packed with cars and boats for the fireworks.

Watching the fireworks at Deep Creek is a pretty magical experience. I remember sitting on the dock watching them as a kid at my grandparents' cabin. Thanks to our friends Lauren and Travis, we were able to watch from the water again last year. The boats and lights across the cove, everyone cheering during the firework finale. Like I said, it's a magical thing.

Looking for more Deep Creek info like what's above in this blog post? This website is full of Deep Creek info and I try to keep up with it as regularly as I can. There's always just so much to share!

If you're coming to Deep Creek during 4th of July time and need family photos by chance, I'd love to chat with you! It's my most-requested time for family photos, so don't wait to reach out!

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