Deep Creek Goodies

Goodness, we live in such a beautiful place. With just a step outside the front door, a drive around the lake and a visit to a local park, we’re immediately presented with so much natural beauty. The mountains, the lake, the trees, the seasons. It’s hard to live and visit Deep Creek without wanting to take a piece of it home with you.

The JFP Canvas and Print Line

In 2019, the JFP Canvas and Print Line was introduced! A few winter storms followed by some sunny days resulted in an unplanned collection of snowy Garrett County scenes and I decided to share it with all the other Deep Creek lovers out there.

With all four seasons captured and included, I hope it properly represents the natural beauty we have here. Visit the online gallery to shop (Please use password fortheloveofdeepcreek to access)!

Family Pictures

Whether you’re visiting Deep Creek for your family reunion, family vacation, group retreat, or 50th anniversary celebration, it’s likely that the idea of family or group pictures has come to mind. Maybe you're only all together once a year and maybe you are always adding new members. We’ve got plenty of beautiful backdrops here, so let’s take some pictures together!

I LOVE working with visiting families and groups here at Deep’s become one of my favorite things! So whether you’ve got a group of 7 or 27, let’s gather in the backyard, splash some feet in the water and capture memories. Your group also includes 11 kids? No worries. I’ve got three of my own and lots of experience interacting with and capturing the young ones. 🙂

Find out more about these Deep Creek family sessions here!

For the Love Shop - Under Construction

One of the first things I knew I wanted to do with FTL was to have super cool, super colorful Deep Creek t-shirts...and I'll have more of them to share sometime soon. Stay tuned!