About Deep Creek

Who We are & Fun Facts

Have you been to Deep Creek yet!? Have you heard of it and never visited? Here’s a little more info about this corner of Maryland that we love!

Deep Creek Lake is located in the center of Garrett County, the westernmost county in Maryland. (It still makes me laugh when Hagerstown is considered western Maryland. That’s two hours east of here! Anyways…) We border both West Virginia and Pennsylvania, making us very accessible to places like Morgantown and Pittsburgh. You can hop on interstates 79, 68 and 70 (among other major highways like routes 40, 48, 119, 219) to get to us. We’re also within a few hours of Ohio, Virginia, and the eastern side of our state, too.

We’re home to farmers, families, retirees, small business owners, second home owners, young and old folks, and numerous kiddos who attend our schools in the south and north. We’ve got an active local community with a busy events calendar and many successful non-profit organizations. Our spring and summer seasons come a little late, fall comes early and winter sometimes sticks around for too long. But we love it here!

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Fun Facts

Because they're quick and easy, and fun:

  • The lake has 65 miles of shoreline and is the largest lake in Maryland. It’s also a man-made lake.
  • We’re a little chillier than our neighbors and usually see temperatures 10+ degrees cooler than those just over the border. We also get a lot of snow. #TundraofMaryland
  • Garrett County has just under 30,000 residents.
  • Garrett County welcomes more than 1 million visitors each year.
  • We’re more than just a lake. We’ve got so many great small towns in our county!
  • There’s no Starbucks in Garrett County, but we have Traders! We also don’t have Target, but we survive.
  • Our State Parks are such gems! Waterfalls, hiking, biking, swimming, beach play, and cabins for rent.

Events Calendar

We’re a busy place! Events for non-profits, business groups, learning opportunities, music, art, community, kiddos, locals, visitors…there’s so much going on in Deep Creek!

Between Facebook, DeepCreekTimes.com and VisitDeepCreek.com, it’s hard to keep track of it all. But here are some to note for 2023:

Sundays Weekly • Mountain State Brewing Co
Team Bingo
Saturday, March 18th • Jitterbug Movement Studio
Wedding Dance Basics Workshop
April 9th • Savage River Lodge
Easter Brunch at Savage River Lodge
Saturday, April 22nd and Saturday, May 6th • Savage River Lodge
Wine In The Woods
Saturday, June 3rd • Friendsville Community Park
Garrett County Celtic Festival
Saturday, August 12th • Garrett County Fairgrounds
Big Funky Blues Fest

Am I missing something!? Please email me at jessica@fortheloveofdeepcreek.com to make a calendar suggestion. Thank you!