Meet the Deep Creek Insider: Jessica Fike

FIRST! Something new! The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up!

Why a colorful, photo-filled website full of Deep Creek information? Because I believe there should be a one-stop shop space for all things Deep Creek. Where to stay, things to do, restaurants to eat in, events to attend...shared in a unique, friendly way - a local insider's way.

My connection to Deep Creek goes all the way back to the 70s. I spent my childhood summers at the lake with friends and family. Now my family of five is living here and my love for the area has exploded! (Hence the little pink hearts found throughout. :))

No one, no business or organization is paying to be on this site. Everything you'll see has been collected and curated by me, Jessica Fike, Deep Creek's Photographer and self-proclaimed Deep Creek Tour Guide. I want ALL Deep Creek info to be shared and this actually requires constant upkeep because there's a lot happening here! So apologies for missing photos and info that hasn't been included yet. This is not my full-time job...yet!

Meet Jessica

Discovering Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Lake is located in the center of Garrett County, the westernmost county in Maryland. (For reference, Hagerstown, MD is about two hours east.) We border both West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and we’re within a few hours of Ohio, Virginia, and the eastern side of our state, too. Our residential population isn't huge, but we see over one million visitors each year because of our summer getaway and ski town vibes.

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Your Perfect Deep Creek Wedding Captured

Fun fact: Hundreds of weddings take place in Deep Creek + Garrett County, MD each year. Waterfall elopements, backyard ceremonies, and elegant barn celebrations are just a few of the kinds of weddings you can have here. For many that marry here, it's a destination affair. A chance to have a getaway weekend or weeklong vacation that is close to home AND includes a wedding.

And believe it or not, we have everything you need for a wedding. Florists, caterers and chefs, hair and makeup, DJs, and some of the prettiest wedding venues I've seen in the Maryland-Pennsylvania-West Virginia tri-state area.

So I've put together a full page of Deep Creek wedding information here on FTL, mostly a giant list of vendors, but also some big inspiration on how to marry here over on the photo site. Want to chat about Deep Creek wedding options and create a visual of how it could happen for you? Contact me!

Or if you want some wedding photography info, click below.

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So Much For Families & Groups

Whether you're looking for a new location to replace your summer beach vacation or are having a retreat, reunion or bachelorette party, consider Deep Creek. Hundreds of rental homes available, state parks with pavilions and opportunity for outdoor activities, restaurants and bars...where the mountains meet the lake, and friends and family come to celebrate, that's how I like to say it. 🙂 Lodging, restaurant and activity options here. A photo session to make sure grandma and the grandkids, you and your friends, and your giant family group of 75 are captured while you're here, click below!

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