The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up - 4th of July Fireworks

Published: June 29, 2024

deep creek lake 4th of july fireworks

Coming in for the weekend and wondering what to do at Deep Creek? You're already here and want to be in tune with the latest and greatest? The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up is for you...

Weather, events, things to do, insider tips and info for June 27th-July 4th


We've come out of the heat wave and dry spell and have seen more normal Deep Creek summer weather conditions. Sun, clouds, warmth, chilly, some rain. This weekend could bring some storms, but remember, you can't believe the forecast too far out, especially when there's rain. If you've been reading my round-ups regularly, I probably sound like a broken record with that line. ๐Ÿ™‚

I heard on the radio that Sunday's low is 49! WHAT!? Remember friends, bring a hoodie in summer.

After that, looks like a few days of nice weather - 70s and sun. Let's hope that's the weather for the 4th.


The kids and I went swimming at Swallow Falls State Park with friends this past week and it was stellar! After a long period of very little rain, the water level was just about right for safe swimming. Muddy Creek Falls was still flowing pretty good, but our kids made it back and under the waterfall. The best spot we found was between Muddy Creek Falls and Swallow Falls waterfalls. The water runs parallel to the main trail, so the large, dry rocks and slow moving water are very easy to get to. I recommend finding a large, dry rock and having a picnic while wading around in the water.

The kids and I also made a quick stop at the Deep Creek Lavender Farm on Friday because it's peak bloom season! The place was hoppin'! Lots of people picking lavender, taking pictures in the field, and even a large group of ladies gathering together to take a group picture...they seemed to be on an organized mission of some kind.

Open daily until July 15th from 10am to 5pm the farm is a must-visit place! Try the lavender lemonade and lavender ice cream and just walk around and admire the lavender plants. Owner Anne taught me years ago that you can get the most out of your lavender-sniffing experience by gently fluffing the plants.


The simple and short of it? They go off at Wisp Resort around 9:30pm on Thursday, July 4th with a rain date of July 5th. There's parking at Wisp Resort and many McHenry businesses. You can also park at the fairgrounds across the cove from Wisp and I believe there's a $5 or $10 charge. I would recommend getting to these locations at least an hour in advance.

If you're staying in a rental home that has a Deep Creek Drive address or if you're on the first half of Marsh Hill Road, you should be able to see the fireworks from where you are...unless you're down low and have lots of tall trees very close to you.

I've never watched the fireworks from a boat, I've always been on a dock in McHenry Cove during the show. But if I had to guess, much of the water on the west/north side of the 219 bridge may be able to see the fireworks. So if can get to or near the McHenry Cove by boat to watch, I highly recommend! Actually, seeing all the boats parked in the water at night, lit up by the colorful sky of the fireworks show, is quite a sight to see as well.

There will be traffic on the water and roads in McHenry after the fireworks, so just be slow and be aware, especially in the water. I've actually heard the boat traffic getting out of the cove was impressively smooth the past couple of years.

Here's a quick blog post I put together about the fireworks a few months ago after receiving a follower question.


Summer Fun Adventure Stations: Tie Dye and Ice Cream Science - Tuesday, July 2nd at 4pm at the Friendsville Library
Fireworks Spectacular at Broadford Lake Park - Wednesday, July 3rd at 6pm
The Terah Crawford Band kicks off the Stage Wisp summer concert series on Wednesday, July 3rd at 6:30pm
1st Annual Weiner Wars Hot Dog Eating Contest at Mountain State Brewing - Thursday, July 4th at 2pm

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