Where to Eat Breakfast in Deep Creek

Published: January 17, 2020

Breakfast! It's been a topic of conversation between myself and my FTL followers lately. Where can we get more than just good coffee? Which diner do you recommend? Is Perkins the only place at the lake where you can get a big breakfast?

I didn't realize there was so much wonderment behind breakfast in Garrett County. When we think of eating here, it's easy to put together a long list of restaurants. But not all of them serve breakfast! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could put together quite a long list of places that do offer breakfast. Coffee, donuts and fill-your-tummy-for-the-day breakfasts, coming right up!

MoonShadow - While they don't offer breakfast daily, they do have brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm that I hear is quite delicious! If you're looking for unique menu items with some locally-grown ingredients, this is your place! Their brunch is on my Garrett County bucket list, which hopefully won't take me long to check off since we live less than 10 minutes from the restaurant.

Trader's Coffee House - An easy suggestion because most everyone knows about their coffee, but they also serve up some pretty tasty breakfast options like waffles, smoothie bowls, hot sandwiches, and muffins. My daughter Ally really loves their glazed donut muffins AND they sometimes have crustless quiche for all those looking to cut carbs or eat gluten-free!

Canoe on the Run - Another cafe option just like Traders with coffee, muffins, hot sandwiches, and outdoor seating. I personally recommend their chili omelet. P.S. Don't be alarmed or frustrated by their lack of online presence. There's no website or official social media accounts for COTR, but it's still worth checking out.

The Casselman Cafe and Bakery - This place is new and we locals love it! They don't have a ton of indoor seating, but they do offer hot breakfast items like sandwiches and some biscuit and gravy type options. They also plenty of baked goods including fry pies, cinnamon rolls and donuts. Warning: Donuts are only made three days a week and they sometimes sell out. If you call ahead of time, they'll reserve boxes for you.

The Casselman Inn Restaurant - Yes, they're related to the cafe mentioned above, but this place is in Grantsville, about 20 minutes from the lake area. The atmosphere is cozy and the food is country - omelets, pancakes and a Saturday morning breakfast buffet.

The Cornucopia Cafe - Also in Grantsville and one of my personal favorites, this place is a must-visit for breakfast (and other meals, too). The restaurant is so warm and cozy and the unique offerings on the menu are appreciated. I love the avocado toast for breakfast and coffee with their homemade salted caramel creamer.

Annie's Kitchen - If you want a fill-your-tummy-for-the-day kind of breakfast, Annie's is your go-to! They've got a plentiful breakfast menu with plates that come full of food! My kids love their giant pancakes and the kids coloring table, and the local staff is very friendly. They also have a TON of homemade baked goods and treats on display and it's pretty hard to pass them up as you make your way to the register to pay the bill.

The Cornish Cafe - Right in downtown Oakland and within walking distance to so many shops, restaurants, the train station and museums! Their staff is delightful and they've got hot breakfast items along with some tasty baked goods. A true downtown cafe kind of atmosphere! P.S. Their Facebook page, which I've linked, hasn't been updated in a year and it seems as though their website is outdated, but they're still pretty legit.

Englander's Antiques, Grill and Soda Fountain - For a truly unique experience, this place is a must-visit! Tons of antiques and nostalgic things to buy...all before you walk to the back of the store for the grill and soda fountain! You can sit at the old counter and order like they did "back in the day" (sorry, not sure of exact time space) or sit at a table with your friends and family. I haven't tried one yet, but I hear their milkshakes are the best!

3rd Street Diner - Shout out to my husband's uncle who owns this place! It's in Oakland, right along the main road, and is part of the Oak-Mar Hotel. A lovely diner experience with friendly staff and good food! While you see mostly lunch and dinner food advertised on their Facebook page, there's plenty of hearty breakfast options, too.

Little Sandy's -Another diner restaurant for our line-up and it seems to come recommended by both locals and visitors! Also, another place with very little online presence, but if you click the link provided, you can check out their Trip Advisor listing that does include some pretty tasty looking breakfast plates.

Heidi's Bakery and Cafe - They're currently in their off-season, reopening sometime in February, I believe, but this little place is worth the extra drive! They're located south of Oakland, down in the "Red House" area of the county. With a true home-cooked menu in a farm setting (the barns are literally right across the street), they've got big, hot breakfasts, donuts, raspberry glaze cinnamon rolls, and plenty of other morning sweet treats. I also appreciate their updates on Facebook.

Wow, that's quite a list! Something for everyone and some really good variety. I hope you'll visit some of these places, and definitely let me know what you think when you do!

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