Meet the Deep Creek Insider: Jessica Fike

FIRST! Something new! The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up!

Why a colorful, photo-filled website full of Deep Creek information? Because I believe there should be a one-stop shop space for all things Deep Creek. Where to stay, things to do, restaurants to eat in, events to attend...shared in a unique, friendly way - a local insider's way.

My connection to Deep Creek goes all the way back to the 70s. I spent my childhood summers at the lake with friends and family. Now my family of five is living here and my love for the area has exploded! (Hence the little pink hearts found throughout. :))

No one, no business or organization is paying to be on this site. Everything you'll see has been collected and curated by me, Jessica Fike, Deep Creek's Photographer and self-proclaimed Deep Creek Tour Guide. I want ALL Deep Creek info to be shared and this actually requires constant upkeep because there's a lot happening here! So apologies for missing photos and info that hasn't been included yet. This is not my full-time job...yet!