The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up - Wisp Closing for the Season!

Published: March 7, 2024

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Coming in for the weekend and wondering what to do at Deep Creek? You're already here and want to be in tune with the latest and greatest? The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up is for you...

Weather, events, things to do, insider tips and info for March 7th-13th

Written on Thursday, March 7th...


We have zero natural snow right now but there is some in the forecast for Sunday. Maybe we'll get an inch?

We had lots of warm weather recently, including a nearly 70-degree day on Tuesday. It gets colder this weekend, but back up to the 60s by middle of next week.


Wisp Resort announced this morning that they'll be closing for the winter season after this weekend. The recent warmth and rain has taken a fast toll on the slopes. I noticed so many barren spots when driving by yesterday...I'm honestly surprised they think they'll make it through Sunday...

BIG SALE still happening at High Mountain Sports! Skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, winter jackets and pants,'s all on sale right now! I called and asked - sale will go on until they start packing up winter items.

I had a breakfast bagel sandwich at The Travel Mug in Grantsville yesterday and it was delicious! Highly recommend the house-made spread with it. I also shared a blog post about The Travel Mug yesterday over on the JFP website.

The Root Cafe in Friendsville announced their Easter coffee drink lineup today! Cadbury eggs and marshmallow included.


This is just a list of food and drinks...but hey, it's March and the weather isn't going to be great this weekend...

Eat pizza on Fridays at The Root Cafe from 4 to 7pm!

Looking for fish on Fridays through Lent? Ace's Run and St. Peter's in Oakland has meals!

Check out the St. Patrick's Day drinks at Espresso Alley.

Bingo at Mountain State Brewing every Sunday at 1pm!

10 for $10 Tuesdays at The Greene Turtle - wing special!


Bourbon & Bubbles at Dutch's at Silver Tree on Tuesday, March 12th - it is currently sold out, but a recent Facebook post says they'll share if openings become available. Maybe just call them and ask to do this event again?


Q: Best places for listening to live music?
A: Honi Honi Bar, MoonShadow, Mountain State Brewing, and The Cornucopia Cafe seem to be most consistent with their musical guests, at least during this time of year. Once summer comes, there will be more live music opportunities with Firewater Kitchen & Bar also offering.

If you're looking for a late-night, party, dance kind of atmosphere, Saturday nights at the Honi is the place to be.

MoonShadow's musical guests will play from the restaurant's stage...maybe some dancing happens because they've got the space for it in the bar area?

Mountain State's will have the occasional solo performer, along with Cornucopia, which seems to have music pretty regularly now...including my friend Terah Crawford who is to play there this Saturday the 9th at 11am.


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