The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up - Memorial Day Weekend

Published: May 24, 2024

Coming in for the weekend and wondering what to do at Deep Creek? You're already here and want to be in tune with the latest and greatest? The Deep Creek Weekly Round-Up is for you...

Weather, events, things to do, insider tips and info for May 23rd-May 29th


It's been a beautiful week! It has felt like summer here! 75-80 degrees, sunshine and no rain since Saturday! But we've got rain creeping in for the holiday weekend. It'll be warm, in the 70s, but rain and storms predicted for Saturday and Monday.

BUT you cannot believe the forecast too far out! 24 hours out or less is my rule, and if there's rain, sometimes you can't believe it until a couple hours out. So don't let the pops of rain ruin your weekend here. You may see rain, you may not...and it may only rain for a short time.

Remember, as you plan your summer weekends at Deep Creek, we're usually 10+ degrees colder than the surrounding areas...and in summer, we may see 50 degrees overnight. So bring a hoodie.


The main road to Swallow Falls State Park has REOPENED! I did read that it's a one-lane road across the small bridge near the entrance, so there could be some hold-up there on a high traffic day.

Mountain State Brewing outdoor patio is now open for dining! Insider tip: if you're looking for a good sunset view, this is it.

Firewater is now open daily 11am-10pm!

Pawn Run just announced their new summer menu!

Wild Ember Bread has new hours! They are now open longer on Thursdays and Fridays 11-6, and on Saturdays 10-3.


Firstly, it's Memorial Day Weekend. When you're out and about doing things, give extra time for traffic around the lake and lines at various places. There will definitely be a giant uptick in people.

Get your first taste of Deep Creek Lake summer by hanging at Honi! Summer at the lake and Honi, they just go hand-in-hand. There will be plenty of band action and you know the giant lawn will be one of this weekend's hot spots. And make sure you try to climb the elephant while you're there. Let me know if you make it.

Check out what The Fort in McHenry has to offer! Two new shops are opening.

Check out Deep Creek Lavender Farm! They're opening for the season this weekend!

Definitely hit Deep Creek Farmers Market - opening day is Friday, May 24th!

Eat some donuts at Glazed and Confuzed Donuts in the Funland parking lot! Opening for the season on Saturday the 25th!


Tunes Brews & BBQ at Wisp Resort - Saturday, May 25th at 12 noon
Bill's Marine's 47th Annual Family Boat Show - Saturday and Sunday, May 24th and 25th from 12 to 4pm
Queen City Funk and Soul at Honi Honi - Monday, May 27th at 1pm

Get out there and have fun this weekend, friends!

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