Downtown Oakland + Candyland

Published: June 5, 2019

About 20 minutes south of McHenry (the northern end of the lake where much of what I've mentioned above is located); the downtown area is especially inviting with antique shops, a bookstore, floral shop, 50s diner, coffee shop, and the new Sipside Lounge. (This place is swanky and I'm not sure I'm cool enough to hang out in it yet, ha! Definitely recommend it for an adult date night!) On your way into downtown, you'll pass the famous Candyland! Everyone loves this place! Half the store is snacks, veggies, fruits, and cooking ingredients while the other half is CANDY! Loose candy for less than $5 a pound, giant gummi bears, Big League Chew, and so many other unique candies! I recommend going there for your weekly stock of food and to get bags and bags of candy. 🙂


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