Deep Creek Coffee - A List of Locations & Goodies to Try

Published: January 22, 2024

This comes straight from the Deep Creek Coffee & Cocoa Crawl!

From December 1, 2023 to January 1, 2024, the first annual Deep Creek Coffee & Cocoa Crawl was held. Why? Because we've got a lot of great coffee spots in Deep Creek + Garrett County, MD and a "crawl" event was a great way to show them off...

Below is a list of the 10 locations that were included in the crawl. From north to south within the county, you can find plenty of coffee to drink. But these locations offer way more than just coffee - hot cocoa, baked goods, bagel sandwiches, cozy spaces and fireplaces. Time to indulge!

The Travel Mug - Grantsville, MD
The "Parked" version of the mobile Travel Mug, this coffee spot is brand new and conveniently located right next to the Grantsville town park. Unique coffee concoctions, bagel sandwiches (add the house's extra delicious!), BLTs, and ice cream! They also have a drive-thru and plenty of indoor seating space to hang, kids welcome!

The Cornucopia Cafe - Grantsville, MD
Way more than a place to grab a quick coffee, there's a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu offered and the space is incredibly cozy - giant fireplace, a bar and an overall modern rustic, warm vibe. Mimosa flights, taco and burger nights, and special holiday meals all available as well. Go for the coffee, stay for everything else.

The Root Cafe - Friendsville, MD
Opened in October of 2023, The Root offers coffee and matcha drinks, sprinkled and whipped cream cocoa (for Christmas), and a nice little breakfast + lunch menu. Owners Sandy and Mike make things happen right alongside their daughters and a local chef, and the friendly atmosphere can't be beat!

Espresso Alley - McHenry, MD
Have you seen the "black shed" that sits at the intersection of 219 and 42 just north of the lake? It's a coffee drive-thru operation! The Espresso Alley team is constantly coming up with unique and different coffee drinks and their menu is huge. Frozen lemonades, smoothies, Italian sodas, jelly donut flavored refreshers, red velvet lattes for Valentine's Day, pumpkin snickerdoodle cookie dough cold brew...AND pepperoni rolls, muffins, cinnamon rolls. Are you hungry yet?

Canoe on the Run - McHenry, MD
Located near the intersection of 219 and Sang Run Road (about a minute from Wisp Resort), Canoe offers breakfast and lunch alongside their coffee. Their chili omelette, salads and "bars" from inside the baked goods case are favorites. There's no indoor seating, but if the weather is nice, their outdoor deck makes for a great place to hang.

Bear Creek Coffee & Creamery - McHenry, MD
Do you remember Huey's? The ice cream spot right next to Shop 'n Save at the lake? It's now a coffee AND ice cream shop! Lots of coffee drink options, including coffee + ice cream treats, and hand-dipped Hershey's ice cream that is always delicious. They're now offering breakfast sandwiches along with their baked goods and have both indoor and outdoor seating.

MoonShadow Cafe - McHenry, MD
Another new coffee option and it's right inside MooShadow restaurant! The front-end of the building has been transformed into a coffee shop offering lots of table space - it's actually a great place to take your laptop or have a small meeting with a friend. Scones and cinnamon rolls have also recently popped up on their menu.

Traders Coffee House - Oakland, MD
The OG coffee place here at Deep Creek...everyone knows Traders! Below Brenda's Pizzeria and next to High Mountain Sports, Traders is located in the heart of the lake. Serving up reliable coffee drinks on the daily, they also can be counted on for soup, quiche, sandwiches, and all kinds of treats from their baked goods offerings. They also just recently added back some of their indoor seating and the locals rejoiced!

Shoofly Java - Oakland, MD
What's especially cool about this place is that you can grab a coffee and walk the streets of historic downtown Oakland while sipping. Shoofly is attached to the neighborhood taproom, The Vagabond Taproom. They offer espresso drinks, teas, hot cocoa, and pastries. Their indoor hang out area is very cozy.

Black Hawk Coffee Co - Oakland, MD
The ladies of Black Hawk turned Subway + gas station convenience store vibes into a cozy coffee shop! With a fireplace, window-watching opportunities and a drive-thru, Black Hawk gives many reasons to visit. They have bagels, mouth-watering toast creations, and are frequently sharing about their latest coffee creations. A great place to stay and hang for a while!

Cheers to coffee and cocoa at Deep Creek!

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